Intro to Nightwish Playlist

Are you an avid Nightwish fan looking to make someone else an avid Nightwish fan? You’re going to need a proper playlist. A playlist that showcases the whole spectrum, from the heaviest to the most beautiful ballads. A playlist that neither bores them nor overwhelms them. Well, I have given it some thought, and here is that playlist.

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Nightwish Albums in Order From Worst to Best

All Nightwish albums are great, but they’re certainly not all equal. I love Nightwish above all other music artists. I think every album, even the worst ones, are still good. I have listened to all of the albums, including the worst ones, literally hundreds of times.

Trying to introduce someone to Nightwish? Here’s a playlist that might convert them.

That being said, let’s begin…

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Not Canon: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (with Video)

You can watch the video, instead of reading, here:

‘ben’ was on purpose

Opening Crawl:

It is a shitty time to be a Star Wars fan. In 2012, Disney purchased the beloved franchise, and has ben defecating on it ever since.

Fans rejoiced as Emperor BOB IGER gave up or something, and yet, Kathleen Kennedy INEXPLICABLY remains president of Lucasfilm.

Meanwhile, some guy on the internet, who apparently thinks a lot, ineffectively tries to free the fanbase of the sequels by claiming they are not canonical….

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Noise – Nightwish (Human Nature) Review

Usually, Nightwish has weak first-singles (by ‘first-singles’ I mean the first single released for an album). Usually, they are the safest and widest-appealing song of the album, hence why they are the first. I’m looking particularly at you, Elan and Storytime…

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