Joker is a Masterpiece

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With any and every movie one sees, they need to know the answer to the most important question: What is the point? It’s the question whose answer decides whether or not one will find it interesting, engaging, and/or memorable. For a film as controversial and successful as Joker, the point of the film seems to matter beyond the film itself. There were ‘news reports’ of potential shooters at showings, and there were antagonistic blog articles by people who hadn’t even seen the film saying it is, in essence, the ultimate incel movie – something something white men, something something mass shooters. I am not going to bother addressing the hysteria surrounding this film prior to and during its release, because simply seeing Joker is enough to know these hysterical activists never knew what they were talking about.

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Underrated Works | The Lost World: Jurassic Park

I loved this movie as a child, mostly because it had dinosaur attacks in it. I recently re-watched it, as an adult, obviously, and my reception to the movie has actually improved. This movie is often discredited as a legitimate sequel to the original Jurassic Park, when, in my opinion, the two should be universally considered on par. (pun intended)

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Underrated Works | Batman: Arkham Origins

There’s a reason I’ve never criticized video games (that I can recall). They are the sole branch of the entertainment industry that puts tremendous care into their products. Video games now make more money than Hollywood, and I’m glad. Most video games today are cinematic themselves and usually more visually appealing than movies. Granted, good plots are compromised by a need to give the player as many battles as possible, but it’s a small price to pay.

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I Am Done with Star Wars (The Disney Canon)

Originally posted December 15, 2017

The Last Jedi is about the Rebel fleet moving slightly faster through space than the Imperial fleet. I’m not joking; that’s the plot. Sure, there’s a side story about Rey annoying Luke to train her, but that goes nowhere. The movie ends with a battle where neither side loses. How is this movie getting such positive reviews? Seriously, what was the point of this movie?

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